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Marcus Surrealius bushchoked at
Fri Sep 17 17:16:30 CDT 2004

> Swing.



No effin' way, not even close. Swing is like In The
Mood or Minnie The Moocher or 42nd Street. Eminence
Front is in no way shape or form Swing. The beat, for
instance, is WAY too tight. 
Swing is a lot closer to Rockabilly than it is to
Eminence Front.

> Pete picked up some elements of jazz in the late
seventies, along with the idea of the bigger band.

Yes, the guitar is jazzy, keyboards too. But that bass
line and beat are Pure Funk. And the guitar/keyboards
aren't Swing Jazz guitar anyway, rather Modern Jazz.
That also goes for his jazzy guitar riffs on Who Are

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