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Marcus Surrealius bushchoked at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 17 13:07:54 CDT 2004

> Sorry, I don't see much from R&B about these songs.


The Relay is FUNK, baby! That's R&B in anyone's book I
know! Slip Kid has a lot of Funk to it too! And what
about one of your favorites, Eminence Front?
Definitely R&B! Helpless Dancer? Call and response,
right out of Gospel. Dr. Jimmy...that's self evident.
It...just IS. Same with Love Reign O'er Me.
Oh, and let's not forget Fortune Teller!

> have to back off my statement a little bit.  It's
the sixties covers of R&B 
that I thought were a really poor fit for the band.

Well, we were talking about the direction ahead (at
that point in their career)...not behind. I'll agree
if you're saying that they didn't do a killer version
of Dancing In The Streets. On the other hand, they
ended with the Isley Brothers' Twist And Shout during
the 1982 tour (and played it other times, too), and
Dancing In The Streets in 1979 (I think). There must
have been some element of R&B in their minds to the

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