Who's R&B

L. Bird pkeets at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 17 11:46:27 CDT 2004

>>but the attempts at R&B didn't suit any of them.

>Yeah, because The Relay is so godawful, huh.
You DO know a good deal of Quad would be considered
R&B, don't you? Love O'er Me, Helpless Dancer, and Dr.
Jimmy for instance.

Sorry, I don't see much from R&B about these songs.  I agree that elements 
of R&B are incorporated into the Who sound, and I wouldn't consider their 
music exactly rock either.  They're pretty unique.

I do really love that version of "Hey Joe" from the '89 tour, so maybe I'll 
have to back off my statement a little bit.  It's the sixties covers of R&B 
that I thought were a really poor fit for the band.


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