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> OK, so is that the sort of sound you guys are
talking about?  Am I off base
comparing Join Together and Deep End Live and do you
think that's the
direction they would have gone,


Now that I've had a chance to listen to it again, to
refresh my memory...I don't hear Entwistle doing
anything much on the Join Together CD version of Face
The Face. IOW, he's not doing HIS thing he's just
playing it like the album. And therefore it's NOT what
I'm talking about. I'll put it more directly: I'd like
to see what John would have done with it if he'd let
loose. In the "jam" part of the song, he's just
playing the straight bass run...not free-forming the
way I'd expect him to. The way he did, for instance,
with 5:15 in later tours. And, in fact, the seeds of
it are in the JT album. And it's quite a nice little
R&B jam there where Daltrey's singing "Gotta get

> if they had completely changed the format of
the band?  I don't see how we can conclude anything
else, since that *is* the way Pete went when he had
the opportunity to do something different.

I think you're right in one sense, at least. Pete
wanted (and said so publicly) to give the band the
ability to go beyond what they could do as a four man
unit with Moon and Entwistle playing in their own
unique manner. He felt he was unable to perform the
sort of music he was writing (some of which eventually
showed up on the Scoops). If you recall, he said that
Keith's death was a good thing in a way, because it
allowed the band to go forward (pissing off a lot of
fans with that statement, including me).
Did it work out? No. But I don't consider White City,
Who version or not, to be a move toward R&B. Yes, FTF
and also Hiding Out fit the mold, but the other songs
didn't. I'm thinking more like The Relay and the James
Brown songs on MG.

> The "Hey Joe" track is pretty impressive along
with the pre-song banter about Jimi being signed
to The Who's label, etc.


It was a good show, and not quite as stiff as the LA
concert. Still interesting that Pete sang "Make your
breath hold breath inside" both times.

> Now that's R&B.  AFIAF, I'm Not Gonna Run,
and Man Machines are worth the price of Iron Man

Yes, but I'd add Dig and Fire too. I assume you mean
the long version of Man Machines, not the snippet on
the CD. That version being, as far as I know, on the B
side of the Friend Is A Friend single.

> I can go on record of tripping my wife's breaker
(ahem! The circuit breaker on her stereo, that is)

I'm glad you cleared that up!

> but the attempts at R&B didn't suit any of them.


Yeah, because The Relay is so godawful, huh.
You DO know a good deal of Quad would be considered
R&B, don't you? Love O'er Me, Helpless Dancer, and Dr.
Jimmy for instance.

> them gel as a band but the music sucked.
And the '89 R&B stuff sucks, too.  And so does *all*


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