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17 September 2004 
Who TV 

You may have noticed over the past couple of weeks a
new button on the home page leading to 'Who TV'.
Although it may sound just a little pretentious we do
now have the technology to provide broadcasting
facilities and programming for what, in essence, is
our very own TV station. In conjunction with Astream,
we've built a system enabling us to provide 24/7
Internet programming using Windows Media Player as the
broadcasting platform.

Those of you that notice these things will know that
throughout the year we've been test driving the
system, providing mainly looped content although we
have also thrown in some pre-announced (and at other
times totally spontaneous) gems such as a full Who
rehearsal and a couple of showcases by Rachel Fuller.
As of next week though its use will be more varied.
We've developed three areas to the 'studio' which
allow us to broadcast live performances from inside
and outside the building, an area that lets us prepare
and broadcast pre recorded and / or commercially
available material and a 'Vox Box' where people can
just go and sit in front of a camera and say whatever
they feel, maybe even crack a few jokes!

This is a serious venture for us but as you'd expect
we're taking a fairly 'guerrilla' attitude to it. Much
of the live and Vox Box material with be unscheduled
and unscripted - some will be recorded and looped and
others will be real one-off's - shown only the one
time. Some other events will be publicised in advance.
Our credo has always been to provide free exciting and
exclusive content without advertising and pop up's. We
will continue with this philosophy whenever we can.
However, for BIG events, of which a few are planned
over the next year, there may well be a need to charge
- either with a one off payment or by subscription -
to view. At present we only have limited bandwidth,
providing access to a certain number of viewers, and
for big events we would need to increase that to allow
more access. In order to do that and to cover the
extra costs we may need to make these 'pay to view'
events. The feedback we've had about the site is that
the free content we provide is often far superior than
other subscription based sites so if we do charge for
an event you know it will be really special.

Even though it's still a new venture we're continuing
to develop the technology and are even thinking about
taking the studio on the road should the band tour
again to bring you live shows from around the world.

The station will allow access to Pete Townshend, The
Who, Eel Pie and it's other artists like never before.
It's an exciting time for us and we hope that you
enjoy what we're trying to do as much as we are in
planning it.


-Brian in Atlanta
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