Who's R&B

Joe Lewinski lewinski at icanon.com
Thu Sep 16 16:27:40 CDT 2004

Mark wrote:

 > On the rare moment I'm in the mood for a little
`89 live Who, I tend to listen to my Radio City
bootleg...which is about 1000% better than Join
Together IMHO.

Yeah, I love this bootleg too.  Thanks again!  I
have it on 2 CDs with custom pictures of the
early Who with Jimi Hendrix pointing his thumb
in Pete's direction (as if to say "HE [Pete] IS

The "Hey Joe" track is pretty impressive along
with the pre-song banter about Jimi being signed
to The Who's label, etc.

 > AND they play A Friend Is A Friend,
too...that's a plus for me since I really like the

Now that's R&B.  AFIAF, I'm Not Gonna Run,
and Man Machines are worth the price of Iron Man alone.
I can go on record of tripping my wife's breaker
(ahem! The circuit breaker on her stereo, that is)
when Pete goes into the first power chord on I'm
Not Gonna Run.

<Sigh>, that old receiver is in safer hands today,
now that I have my Integra system with 6.1 JBLs
I'm a happy boy!

Joe in Philly 

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