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Jim M NakedI at comcast.net
Thu Sep 16 12:13:39 CDT 2004

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> IOW, in what performance did Entwistle play with the
> Deep End band? I haven't heard that. This will answer
> my other question about what you mean, exactly, by
> "Deep End / Join Together."

Sorry for the confusion.  By "Join Together" I'm referring to the 1989 tour
and album.  Face The Face is on it.  I'm lumping it in with Deep End because
of some similarities in the make up of the band, if not the actual
musicians.  Lots of horns.  A guest lead guitar player, with Pete strumming
the accoustic.  If The Who departed from their traditional lineup in the
80's, I thought that's the most likely configuation they would have taken.

Jim M

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