Roger Daltrey - Just A Boy & Who's R&B

Marcus Surrealius bushchoked at
Thu Sep 16 10:11:17 CDT 2004

I'm disappointed in this one. For instance, what the
Hell are these doing here:

> Behind Blue Eyes
> Won't Get Fooled Again
> Pictures Of Lily
> Baba O'Riley
> Pinball Wizard
> The Real Me

Assuming they're solo versions (and probably live),
they'll be inferior to the Who versions, so what's the
point when we could have had more of his first three
albums (and songs like Treachery)? And of course if
they're WHO versions, again what's the point?

> no "oceans away" or "days of Light"? 

Yes on the first, but I'm not going to miss the
latter. Unless they FINALLY remix it to take out those
totally inapproprate Pop backing vocals.
If you want the song, I have Rocks In The Head here in
my store, and have for more than a year, I'll be happy
to sell you for $6.

> Once again Mark and Scott, thanks for letting me add
> my own tuppence worth to your discussion.


That's what this list is for! Participate, participate
(isn't that a song by Pete on Chinese Eyes?).

> but I think more in the sense that this is a
> direction The Who *could* have 
> gone post-Moon, but didn't.

Yeah, I agree. It's too disiplined for a Moon-type
drum base. But wouldn't you love to hear what
Entwistle would have done with Face The Face?

> it's a direction they could have persued profitably.

They did start life as an R&B band, after all. Yes,
this is an interesting take. Scott! Here's your new
subject! What if The Who had gone more R&B instead of
breaking up?

> notion, I'm sure, but FWIW, the stripped-down basic
> four-piece Who was a 
> dead duck without Keith AT THAT TIME, at least IMHO.

I agree with you. It became too tame, too perfect. And
that's not The Who live. At least not by MY
definition. And certainly not what earned them the
title of the greatest live band.

> thing, so, yup - what's next???

You started it! Who's R&B!

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