The Man Room reviews Boston DVD

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Thu Sep 16 08:04:08 CDT 2004

>Brian Cady 
>The Man Room reviews Boston DVD
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>Townsend's interview in
>particular caught me by surprise. While I knew that he
>wrote most of The Who's songs, he is not shy to let it
>be known that he is who makes The Who what they are.

What's this about?
I cringe when I read stuff like this.
<awaiting the arrival of this DVD and IOW DVD any day

>Some musical performers definitely stay around too
>long and wind up embarrassing themselves in the later
>years. The Who is not in that group. It's different
>seeing only two original members and a supporting
>cast, but it is an entertaining show. Long time fans
>will not be disappointed and it wouldn't hurt the
>younger crowd to give a viewing to this one.

One of the most even handed descriptions I've read in a while.
The new album will really be a turning point.
The direction of that turn remains to be seen.

Kevin in VT

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