(That's enough) White City

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Wed Sep 15 06:08:20 CDT 2004

Marcus Surrealius wrote:

>Didn't you get the impression that this material was
>more Who-like than the stuff on FD and IH? I did. I
>could imagine Daltrey singing Give Blood and Brilliant
>Blues particularly. Of course it would be the typical
>Who vocal trade-off:
>Rog: "It's time/To preach..."
>Pete: "The brilliant blues/I don't want to be

>>>>(I wrote) (and who gives a f*** what I think?)

Marcus added:
>I do, for one. Any of us could say that, but we're
>here to discuss and if everyone agreed it would be a
>retty boring list.

>>>>>(I wrote) trying to get back in touch with his own

Marcus resumed:
>Roots, it's fair to point out, that were still
>connected a mere 3 years earlier. Another Who

Once again Mark and Scott, thanks for letting me add my own tuppence worth 
to your discussion.

Mark, I'd certainly agree that the "White City" material sounded Who-like - 
but I think more in the sense that this is a direction The Who *could* have 
gone post-Moon, but didn't.

That 80s take on the 60s Motown/ R&B horn-driven pop-soul / rock sound was 
one of the few things I liked about that decade of over-production. (Eg: 
"Let Them All Talk" / "The Only Flame in Town" by Elvis Costelo - these 
tracks worked, and esp live, but crikey, there's a LOT of busy production 
going on...)

Judging from how The Who sounded on the 79 tour ( I only saw 'em once, at 
Stafford Bingley Hall, but they were bloody amazing) with the horns etc, 
it's a direction they could have persued profitably.

A lot of purists on this list and others will howl their disapproval of that 
notion, I'm sure, but FWIW, the stripped-down basic four-piece Who was a 
dead duck without Keith AT THAT TIME, at least IMHO.

So yes, I'd liked to have heard RD, JAE and Rabbit let loose on the White 
City material...

And Scott - that really does wrap up my take on the thing, so, yup - what's 


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