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Get ready to rock! Sanctuary Records will release a
classic anthology of Roger Daltrey's solo work. "Just
a Boy" is due to hit the streets on October 4, 2004.
The 2 CD chronology celebrates 30 years of Daltrey's
contributions to rock and roll. One of rocks most
energetic vocalists, Roger Daltrey's solo work
exhibits a vocal range of style well beyond the
familiar hard rock of "The Who". Although Daltrey is
best known for his work with mega-group "The Who", he
has been equally prolific with his solo works, even if
not as well known.

Between 1973 and 1976, Daltrey released 3 albums. The
first disk of "Just a Boy" begins with 3 tracks from
his debut album simply titled "Daltrey". It also
includes 4 tracks from "Ride a Rock Horse" and two
cuts from "One of the Boys." Added to those is
Daltrey's most successful solo single to date "Without
your Love". from the soundtrack for the movie McVicar.
Rounding out Disc 1, are cuts from his three solo
releases between 1984 and 1987 - "Parting Should Be
Painless", "Under a Raging Moon" and "Can't Wait To
See The Movie".

The second disc contains 3 tracks from his 1992 album
release "Rocks In The Head" plus several innovative
recordings of covers not found on any of his
previously released albums. Taken as a whole, the
entire collection is a showcase of the broad range of
style that has emanated from one of the "bad boys" of

Disc 1
One Man Band 
The Way Of The World 
There Is Love 
Giving It All Away 
(Come And) Get Your Love 
World Over 
Dear John 
Avenging Annie 
One Of The Boys 
Martyrs And Madmen 
Say It Isn't So, Joe 
Bitter And Twisted 
Free Me 
Without Your Love 
Waiting For A Friend 
Parting Would Be Painless 
After The Fire
Under A Raging Moon 

Disc 2
Behind Blue Eyes
Won't Get Fooled Again
Pictures Of Lily
Quicksilver Lightning
Lover's Storm
Mack The Knife
The Pig Must Die
Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me
Rock And Roll
Who's Gonna Walk On Water?
Love Is
Blues Man Road
Raglan Road
Baba O'Riley
Pinball Wizard
The Real Me
Stuck In The Middle
Child O

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