White City

Marcus Surrealius bushchoked at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 13 15:13:19 CDT 2004

> Mark, this lends credence to some of your theories
about the current state of live Who.


Besides, I don't NEED a theory. I can hear it. When I
hear the cold lies of the pusher, I know it exists,
you could say.

> Now, now, there are plenty of more plausible
explanations than Mark being right!



See above.

> or the reviewer is completely unaware of the RAH 

That was MY first reaction. Toronto aka Who Rocks
America is OK, but not particularly great. The same
could be said of the LA concert with Tommy (and
special guests). I recently put those on DVD from
videotape, so the performances are still fresh in my
mind. RAH is MUCH better.

> Excellent.  I love good science fiction.

I suggest you duck!

> Does your "Dream Gig" also include Sinead OConnor
sandwiched in the middle on a side stage while the
roadies are swapping in The Who's gear?


Sinead, OUCH, can it be Tracy Chapman instead? I mean,
if I have to listen to Folk Music at least let it be
GOOD Folk Music.

> I thought then, and later that year when I saw him
at the Brixton Academy, that he looked relaxed and
relieved to be away from The Who - but that his 
departure from the band had at least coloured and
textured the songs on "White City", 


Didn't you get the impression that this material was
more Who-like than the stuff on FD and IH? I did. I
could imagine Daltrey singing Give Blood and Brilliant
Blues particularly. Of course it would be the typical
Who vocal trade-off:
Rog: "It's time/To preach..."
Pete: "The brilliant blues/I don't want to be

> (and who gives a f*** what I think?)

I do, for one. Any of us could say that, but we're
here to discuss and if everyone agreed it would be a
pretty boring list.

> trying to get back in touch with his own 

Roots, it's fair to point out, that were still
connected a mere 3 years earlier. Another Who

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concerned about him."
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