Boston Globe on The Who: Live In Boston DVD

Jim M NakedI at
Sun Sep 12 19:08:13 CDT 2004

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> Wow.  When they're recommending the video from
> the '82 tour over *another* live performance video,
> that's not a good sign.

..for the sanity of the reviewer.

> Mark, this lends credence to some of your theories
> about the current state of live Who.

Now, now, there are plenty of more plausible explanations than Mark being
right!  Like, the reviewer is a rabid Kenney Jones fan (can there be two?),
or the reviewer is completely unaware of the RAH DVD, or the reviewer first
saw The Who during their secondary popularity peak and has a special bias
towards that era.  See, all more plausible than Mark being right!

> "Origins" is coming to PBS Sept. 28.

Excellent.  I love good science fiction.

Jim M

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