White City

Marcus Surrealius bushchoked at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 11 09:04:17 CDT 2004

> I thought we were talking about WHITE CITY.


Because you think Pete wrote that way ONLY for Tommy?
What about Who's Next? The same thing happened there.
And Quad too, for that matter.

> I'm sorry, operator, I thought I was talking to

Are you trying to turn this into a Jim Croce
discussion? I'm not a fan.

> "Sally Simpson" written for a "Rock Star?!"  Every
Who fan worth his or her salt knows that "Sally
Simpson" was written
after Pete saw a Doors performance (Singer Bowl '68, I

Yes. The Rock star would be Jim Morrison. It was
written about Jim and a fan's reaction to him. NOT
about a spiritual idol like Tommy.

> When The Who shared the bill with The Doors.  My
ultimate "Dream Gig").

Well, the remements of both bands are still
touring...so as Steven Tyler would say: dream on.

> Then why are you speculating that the songs are
about the breakup of the band?

Well, that would be the CONTENT of the songs, not WHEN
he wrote them.

> So, he's unable to write for a specific project?

OK, now you're back to that "either/or" thing. I think
Pete writes songs as he's inspired to. Then, if he 
thinks of a concept, he might adapt some of what he's
got "lying around" (his words) to fit the concept. We
KNOW he's done that in the past. There's no reason to
think he hasn't continued to do it.

> That's right, operator, I was trying to reach WHITE
CITY. You patched me through to "royalty checks."  

You were patched through to "having something to do
with The Who.

> Interviews?  More evidence, please.

Yeah, well that might take a while at this point. I'll
see what I can find.

> I'll grant you that one
or two songs *may* have had pre-WHITE CITY

Thanks, Hugh.

> a *story?*  It *all* has to be about him or The Who?

"With us or against us." The world is grey, man, not
black and white.

> I hate you.

Ah, shucks, you're just saying that.

> You & I need to sit Pete down & get the facts.  Bet
he'd love that.

Yeah, HA! That's why I never tried to seek him out
when people tell me he's coming to Myrtle Beach. I get
calls like "He's got a reservation at this restuarant
at 8:30." What am I going to do, go stand by the door
and wait for him or something? "Hey, PETE! PETE! Love
ya, man! Quad ROCKS!"

> I'm buying the next round, Mark.  What are you
drinking? Another gin?

Yeah, you know my drink of choice. Gin, Ginger Ale,
twist of lime. A Del Dotto.

> No one's leaving *anything* in WHITE CITY (as Mark
would have you believe.)  

That explains the "Say goodbye" line. "Say goodbye
because I'm staying here..."

> Heh.  Good luck.  He changes his story a lot.  ;)


Yeah. And eventually he'll confirm my interpretation!

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