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There are boy bands and bands with one hit wonders,
but some bands stand the test of time.

After legions of teenagers trekked to a muddy farm in
Saugerties, New York, the movie "Woodstock" became the
highest-grossing documentary -- a record it held for
And as revolutionary as that 1970 film was for its
look at the sex, drugs, and Rock n' Roll
counterculture, the truth is musically it wasn't all
that great. Now, just for that you have to rent the
newly released concert movie, "The Who: Live at the
Isle of Wight Festival," a blistering live set, heavy
on Rock n' Roll and light on the sex and drugs.

On August 30, 1970, at 2 a.m., in front of 600,000
fans who'd made the pilgrimage to the small British
island off the coast of Portsmouth, guitarist Pete
Townshend, singer Roger Daltrey, bassist John
Entwistle and drummer Keith Moon took the stage. The
band was months away from releasing the greatest album
of their career, 1971's "Who's Next." But they were
already arguably the greatest live rock band of all

Why they were quickly becomes apparent as they launch
into "Heaven and Hell" and power through a first set
that touches on early hits like "I Can't Explain,"
"Magic Bus" and "My Generation." But it's the second
set, as they run through the rock opera "Tommy,"
including "Pinball Wizard," "I'm Free" and "We're Not
Gonna Take It," where the band starts to mesh together
and unleash its signature fury. 

Pete Townshend, dressed in a white jumpsuit, attacks
his guitar with squalling windmill guitar riffs.
Daltrey screams himself hoarse, and Moon mugs
mischievously while beating the stuffing out of his
drum kit. It sounds like he has eight arms instead of
two. And Entwistle, well, he doesn't really do all
that much besides provide the slinky bass backbone and
sport an awfully snug skeleton costume. In fact, he
looks like the only person out of 600,000 who doesn't
feel like they're witnessing the greatest concert
they'll ever see.

-Brian in Atlanta
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