White City

Scott Schrade schrade at akrobiz.com
Sat Sep 11 03:13:19 CDT 2004

> I don't know how much you know about the creation of
> Tommy...

I thought we were talking about WHITE CITY.


> we've never discussed it. 


> But it's fairly well reported, from Pete himself, that he took 
> some songs which were "lying around" and adapted them 
> to the story. 

Uh.......yeah!  Hello?!  WHITE CITY.  Calling WHITE CITY!

> I know that Sally Simpson was originally  written for a Rock 
> Star rather than a spiritual figure, 

I'm sorry, operator, I thought I was talking to WHITE CITY.
I must have dialed the wrong number.

"Sally Simpson" written for a "Rock Star?!"  Every Who fan 
worth his or her salt knows that "Sally Simpson" was written
after Pete saw a Doors performance (Singer Bowl '68, I believe.
When The Who shared the bill with The Doors.  My ultimate 
"Dream Gig").

> Do YOU know exactly when he wrote the songs? I don't.

Then why are you speculating that the songs are about the 
breakup of the band?

> I mean, it's what Pete does! He takes what's happening to 
> him and creates a song about it. 

So, he's unable to write for a specific project?  Is it inconceivable
to you that he could sit down & write a batch of songs with
the storyline of WHITE CITY in mind?  C'mon, man!  He was
done with The Who & this was his new project.  Clean slate.

> > '84-'85 Pete wanted nothing to do with The Who. 
> You don't KNOW that any more than I do. 

I know!  Isn't this fun?!

> I'll bet he took the Who royalty checks, though.

That's right, operator, I was trying to reach WHITE CITY.
You patched me through to "royalty checks."  Could you
try again, please? 

> Plus he certainly wasn't  shy about mentioning them, and 
> with the same sort of sentiments expressed in White City, 
> during interviews.

Interviews?  More evidence, please.  I'll grant you that one
or two songs *may* have had pre-WHITE CITY origins.....

I just think you're slapping an interpretation over a batch of
Pete-songs which were written with a specific theme in mind.

> But that's not consistant with Pete's history of
> songwriting.

You're selling Pete short, my friend!  What?  He can't write
a *story?*  It *all* has to be about him or The Who?

Just reading the liner notes one gets the impression that Pete 
was writing a story centered on a fictional character who lives
in White City.  It was an attempt at a novelette.  To be tied
in with the film.

> > In WHITE CITY & PSYCHODERELICT, Pete redirects
> > his introspection by channeling it through other
> > fictional characters.
> Yeah...your point? Is he forbidden then to use his
> life through these fictional characters?

Not at all.  I just don't think the songs on WHITE CITY
were written about the breakup of the band, & then re-
fashioned to fit the WC storyline.  My theory is that Pete
wrote the songs specifically for the project.

> Maybe my ass! 

Operator?!  Operator?!  I got a prevert!!!

> Did you read any of the interviews during that period????

I hate you.

> Oh, come on, everything's not just black or white.
> There are degrees of everything. I'm sure he had some
> regrets, just not enough to reform the band.

You & I need to sit Pete down & get the facts.  Bet he'd
love that.

I'm buying the next round, Mark.  What are you drinking?
Another gin?

- SCHRADE in Akron

"Origins" is coming to PBS Sept. 28.

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