White City

Marcus Surrealius bushchoked at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 9 22:05:56 CDT 2004

> I think the songs were
> written *for*
> the album, with its story & themes in mind.


I don't know how much you know about the creation of
Tommy...we've never discussed it. But it's fairly well
reported, from Pete himself, that he took some songs
which were "lying around" and adapted them to the
story. I know that Sally Simpson was originally
written for a Rock Star rather than a spiritual
figure, and that I'm A Sensation began its life as
She's A Sensation, for two examples.

> I'm not buying that.  Pete was finished with The Who
> in '82-'83.  Are you telling me he was still
> on it in '84-'85?

Do YOU know exactly when he wrote the songs? I don't.

> So he was celebrating his freedom by dwelling on
> what he had just escaped?  I'm not buying that

I don't know about "dwelling on" but writing about
them, sure I can buy that easily. I mean, it's what
Pete does! He takes what's happening to him and
creates a song about it. Let's see...here's a lyric
for you: "Let me tell you some more about myself..."

> No, *you're* making it seem like that.

"The Brilliant Blues/I don't want to be frozen..."

I AM???

> '84-'85 Pete wanted nothing to do with The Who. 

You don't KNOW that any more than I do. We know he
didn't want to be in The Who. I'll bet he took the Who
royalty checks, though. I'd call that "having
something to do with them." Plus he certainly wasn't
shy about mentioning them, and with the same sort of
sentiments expressed in White City, during interviews.
> Yet you say they're still *about* the band?  I won't
> buy it,

C'mon, it don't cost much. I just sold a Bush
supporter the Brooklyn Bridge, and this is even
cheap...I mean, more affordable than that.

> I won't buy your Magic Bus. (?)

That's OK, because...you CAN'T HAVE IT!

> I disagree.  I think the songs were written
> specifically for the
> storyline of WHITE CITY. 

But that's not consistant with Pete's history of

> I disagree again!  WBN is mostly first-person
> introspection.

"Self loathing" you said. "I'm a well fucked sailor"
Pete said. That's what I said. Uh huh, that's right,
flash flash flash...

> his introspection by channeling it through other
> fictional characters.

Yeah...your point? Is he forbidden then to use his
life through these fictional characters?

> Maybe, but not until much, much later.  Maybe the
> mid-'90s.

Maybe my ass! Did you read any of the interviews
during that period????

> Pete wanted out bad in '82-'83.  So he quit.  I
> simply cannot
> believe he was regretting that decision as early as
> '84-'85.

Oh, come on, everything's not just black or white.
There are degrees of everything. I'm sure he had some
regrets, just not enough to reform the band.

> While I haven't had the chance to re-listen to White
City since I read Marcus's interpretation,


That's just my "stage" name, it's really just plain
old Mark.

> participated in, I've learned that a writer reveals
alot of what in going on underneath by actually
writing about something outside.

Write what you know, that's what they say.

> If I write a poem about a tree, for example, that
tree may come to reflect something about myself that I
couldn't express otherwise. 

I'm going to just walk away and leave that one alone.
Averting my eyes, too.

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