White City

huntington at mindspring.com huntington at mindspring.com
Thu Sep 9 20:45:32 CDT 2004


While I haven't had the chance to re-listen to White City since I read Marcus's interpretation, I will allow that while the liner notes of the album pointedly refer to this other character and his story, there may be more of Pete's underlying feelings coming through. In a few writing excercises I have participated in, I've learned that a writer reveals alot of what in going on underneath by actually writing about something outside. If I write a poem about a tree, for example, that tree may come to reflect something about myself that I couldn't express otherwise. 

Could not the same be true for Pete and White City. By concentrating on an external character and filling him in with lyrics, Pete may actaully have inadvertantly been writing about himself and The Who without expressly meaning to?

Just a thought that accomodates both opinions. 


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