White City

Marcus Surrealius bushchoked at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 9 07:45:02 CDT 2004

> Somehow I just
don't think Pete would write an album about the
breakup of the band & disguise it as a poignant tale
about a solitary, down-
on-his luck bloke from White City.  


Clearly the ALBUM isn't about the breakup, but just as
clearly many of the songs are.

And why, after finally leaving the band behind, would
Pete want to create an album dwelling on.....the band?

Um...it was what was going on in his life? Pete HAS
been known to write about the things going on in his
life, you know. Why would Pete celebrate his freedom?
The question you SHOULD be asking is: why WOULDN'T he,
if The Who was such a burden?

> immersing himself in thoughts about the band he just
gladly quit?

Consider the manner he handles it. You make it seem
like he's unhappy about the breakup, when instead (as
I pointed out) the songs are about freedom FROM the
band. Certainly something Pete would want to immerse
himself in.

I think not.

> That's what WHITE CITY is about.

But not what all of the songs were about.

> It was actually a neat way for Pete to step outside
himself & wallow in some self-loathing.  Much like

Like Who By Numbers, too. Well, certainly he had to
have SOME regrets about breaking up the band.

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