26 years ago

Anna Mormack carrieanne79 at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 7 13:11:18 CDT 2004

Today is Keith's 26th Jahrzeit; I'm surprised no one
made a mention of his would've-been-birthday on 23
August (which was also the 78th Jarhzeit of the
handsome silent sheik Rudolph Valentino, another very
talented, promising, good-looking star who died far
too young and before his time).  Though I didn't know
it at the time, I bought my first Who album on this
day, though I didn't get to play it till the next day,
and then only had time for the first few songs.  I
played it all of the way through for the first time on
the ninth; my four-year anniversary of 'Tommy' is on
Thursday, though it doesn't seem like it's only been
four short years.

Anna U. Mormack
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