Thompson Ad - Biff Bang Pow

Bruce bkawak at
Mon Sep 6 13:37:25 CDT 2004

> In the meantime, I've downloaded a cover version of the song from Napster.
> It's by the bizarrely-named "Southern Culture on the Skids".  If you like
> this song, you may be interested in this version.  They've stripped all of
> the "Whoness" out of it, but it still rocks; sort of song that I always
> to turn up the volume whenever I hear it.

I never thought I read about regional legends Southern Culture on the Skids
(or SCOTS as we refer to them) here.  They are hard to describe, call it
Hillbilly Surf music.  If you go see them don't eat beforehand, KFC  is
served. :)


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