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> > Although this song isn't by the Who, it's very similar to their
> mid-sixties sound.
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> > A few minutes investigation on the internet has revealed that the song
> > is "Biff Bang Pow" by The Creation.  Anyone else seen this ad or know
> > this song?
> Haven't seen the ad.  Know the song well.  Do yourself a favor and pick
> up The Creation's anthology "Our music is red -- with purple flashes"
> on eBay or elsewhere.  It's their entire recorded output, 24 tracks.
> You'll be stunned at how much they sound like early Who (or vice
> versa), plus you'll hear bits reminiscent of early Beatles plus the
> invention of the guitar solo with violin bow, which Jimmy Page later
> nicked.  Mandatory listening for anyone interested in mod/freakbeat.
> Cheers,
> Alan McKendree
> "the average Texan...carries not just a gun but a SHOTGUN."  --Pete
> Townshend, 1967

Thanks for the recommendation.  I've found the CD on Amazon for just £8
(new).  I'll order it next time I'm buying something from there.

In the meantime, I've downloaded a cover version of the song from Napster.
It's by the bizarrely-named "Southern Culture on the Skids".  If you like
this song, you may be interested in this version.  They've stripped all of
the "Whoness" out of it, but it still rocks; sort of song that I always want
to turn up the volume whenever I hear it.



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