Now we know why they supported the Who at Cardiff and Birmingham

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Mon Sep 6 10:03:30 CDT 2004

>From the Sunday TImes  05.09.04

Pop: New Kids in Town: Kasabian

Who are they?

Tom Meighan (vocals), Chris Edwards (bass), Sergio Pizzorno (lead
guitar/keyboards) and Christopher Karloff (guitar/keyboards) are four
schoolmates from Leicester who are, according to the wonderfully mouthy
Meighan, "the guardians of rock'n'roll. The Stones, Zeppelin, the Pistols,
the Gallaghers: we're next in line". Par for the new-band course, except
that the group's walk-the-walk, talk-the-talk sonic swagger is firmly in the
cock- and shock-rock tradition, and that their fanatical fans (who include
Avid Merrion, Roger Daltrey and, er, the footballer Stuart Pearce) have
already sent two of their singles into the Top 20 with little or no
promotional help. Expect Kasabian's superb eponymous first album to debut
high in the new chart next week.

Who do they sound like?

Funnily enough, the Stones, Zeppelin, the Pistols and the Gallaghers, with
the Stone Roses, Inspiral Carpets and Happy Mondays squeezing on board. With
the best will in the world, you wouldn't describe it as new; but only the
most jaded and been-there-seen-it-done-it old misery guts could fail to be

Meighan's weirdest quote so far?

How about the Cantona-like maritime whimsy of "The serpent's going to rise
from the sea and scare all the pirates away"?

When's the record out?

Kasabian the album is released tomorrow on RCA.

Can I see them live?

At King Tut's, Glasgow (Tue); Academy 3, Manchester (Wed); Scala, N1 (Thu);
Irish Centre, Birmingham (Fri); Leicester University (Sat).



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