Excerpts from new Pete interview

Bruce bkawak at chartertn.net
Thu Sep 2 18:34:21 CDT 2004

> After all these years living just 25 minutes south of Cleveland, I'll be
> making my first visit to the HOF this weekend.  There's an Annie
> Liebowitz (sp?) photo exhibit going on.  Didn't she take the "bloody
> hand" picture of Pete?

Two words "Go early."  Be there when the door opens before it gets too
crowded.  My second time I went on a Saturday and it was packed.  I mean
"will you get out of the way, I'm trying to look at Pete's Les Paul here!"
:)  I'd be interested if they changed out any of the Who stuff, not of it is
displayed all the time.  Also, look for the mistake in The Who display.  It
sounds like your enough of a gearhead to notice.

> > They have people standing around to make sure no one squeezes
> > the Charmin. :)
> Thanks for the warning.  So much for my plan to caress Madonna's
> knickers.  (?)

Actually, I think they have her knickers there. :)

> > > "Who's Next has missing master reels.
> I thought they found those missing reels.

I think they found half of the albums masters.  I know they found WGFA.

> > Another L at L, stop the madness. :)
> Aw, c'mon, Bruce.  You know you'll be first in line to buy it.  Wonder
> which channel they'll put the crackling noises in.

Damnit of course I will. #@^%$.  The label will say "crackling noise put
back in due to public demand".


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