Excerpts from new Pete interview

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Thu Sep 2 17:40:58 CDT 2004

>From Whochat forum:

On signature guitars:

The J200: "I did a lot of work on the neck. My very first J200 seemed to 
have a thinner neck. I wanted the guitar to have a Fishman piezo..."

"It records so well. It has quite a crisp sound for such a large guitar, and 
my first one (now in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum) actually had a 
metal tunamatic bridge. I may try this on a variant of my signature model."

The SG: "Some these sold for high sums. If it comes back now it will 
definetely come back with a whammy bar!"

Others: "No Les Paul Deluxe as yet, but I'm thinking about it. I am also 
thinking about Signature guitars by Rickenbacker and Fender. It would be fun 
to make an indestrcutible guitar wouldn't it?"

On Lifehouse as a movie or on Broadway:

"Not now. I've showed all my various treatments of it to all those I know 
who produce and evolve Broadway shows and movies. No one has felt it strong 
enought to fly. I have written a new screenplay - The Boy Who Heard Music - 
which is one final evolution of the Lifehouse theme. This could fly, but 
only as an animation film I think."

On Simon:

"No news apart from the fact that he operates in my studio now and works 
brilliantly with developing artists. He has a real knack of bringing good 
songs to a great conclusion. A real producer in my opinion."

On future 5.1 rereleases:

"Who's Next has missing master reels. I would like to hear a 5.1 Surround 
version of Live at Leeds but it isn't scheduled yet. Empty Glass is one I'd 
also like to do."

On the Isle of Wight and the (then) upcoming Japan, Australia, and West 
Coast gigs:

"IOW was weird in a very cool way I thought, but we got good reviews. I am 
enjoying being on stage (and travelling) more than ever. I haven't quite 
risen to Bob Dylan's intense level of touring and performing, but now I am 
beginning to understand why he does it. I wanted to play Japan because 
Aerosmith will headline the Festivals we play there - I feel safe under 
their friendly wing because they are so huge there. They've been really 
generous to allow us parity billing. Oz I just wanted to go and play again 
before it was too late. I didn't like long-haul flying all that much, now I 
do - so that too has changed. Most of all I am doing these shows to spend 
some time with Roger this summer. We only see each other when we perform. 
After all those tense years when we found it hard to agree, I now love being 
with him professionally, almost unreservedly. Life's too short to worry 
about the 'why' in all this. It's happening, we're lucky to be able to 

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