It's Hard demos

Bruce bkawak at
Wed Sep 1 22:25:43 CDT 2004

> Weren't "It's Hard" and "Athena" reworked from existing demo's called
> "Popular" and "Theresa"?  Although I didn't think they were *that* old.
> Hmmm, now where did I put that old vinyl copy of Scoop?
Pete Scoop liner notes
"Popular - This was a last minute demo recorded at my Soho studio by Chris
Ludwinski for the Face Dances album.  The band reaction was lukewarm, we
were close to ending the album and were unsure of what was happening.  I
later removed the 'Popular' chorus, replaced it with It's Hard and managed
to sell another song."

Teresa is also of 80-82 vintage.

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