It's Hard demos

Scott Schrade schrade at
Wed Sep 1 12:59:35 CDT 2004

> Here's an interesting comment from Whochat Forum.  Has anybody else 
> heard this?  
> > Some of I'ts Hards songs were written and demo'ed in 1975-76. JD

Let's see......  This has never been mentioned in any Who book or Who article.
It's never been mentioned by anyone in the band.  Pete has stated that the band
had a meeting in the early '80s to discuss song ideas for the IT'S HARD album
& that he wrote the songs with those ideas in mind.

I'll believe Pete before I believe an unsubstantiated rumor posted on the internet.

> It makes the material much older that I had expected.

What material?  Which tracks?  The rumor says "some....songs."  Which ones
have you incorrectly decided were written in the mid-'70s?

- SCHRADE in Akron

"Origins" is coming to PBS Sept. 28.

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