Who will fork out for Quarwood?

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The asking price for late Who bassist John Entwistle's
Cotswold mansion has dropped by more than £750,000.
The rock legend's mother, son and partner have been
struggling to sell Quarwood house and estate near
Stow-on-the-Wold since putting it on the market nine
months ago.

Now, as property prices start to fall around the
country, they have changed estate agents, quitting
Sotheby's in favour of rivals Hampton's International,
and dropped their price in the hope of a change of

Stephen Perks, country house director at Hamptons,
said: "We've now lowered the asking price and are
accepting bids in excess of £2.95 million."

His colleague Lorna Piell added: "We've had an offer
that hasn't been accepted because it's below the new
guide price - we're still hoping for a figure of over
£3 million."

The original guide price for Entwistle's estate was
£3.75 million but it now looks likely to go at a
knockdown price.

Entwistle's mother Queenie, 80, son Chris, 31, and
partner Lisa Pritchett-Johnson, 46, had hoped to sell
Quarwood last Christmas to pay death duties.

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