Not getting fooled again

Marcus Surrealius bushchoked at
Sun Oct 31 09:16:46 CST 2004

> ok "bushchoked" (what's your name? ha),


My name is Mark.

> let's not turn this into a political 
thread now. we know where it can lead. but thanks for
responding. : )

I was merely discussing what Pete said, and how it was
politically misinterpreted by people who are clearly
on the opposite side of the fence from Townshend. How
can one comment on a political statement without
mentioning politics?

> I guess the general prohibition on political ranting
on this list was lifted? 


As I said, I was discussing what Pete said, on a list
about the band Pete Townshend is the main member of.
Naturally your complete and utter lack of
comprehension leads you into yet another attack, as it
always does. You're certainly predictable. A bit of
advice: mind your own business, no one was talking to

"The focus right now is on Osama bin Laden, no
question about it."
 George "terrorists' first choice for Prez" Bush

Cheers         ML

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