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Small children will love "The Wheels on the Bus: Mango
and Papaya's Animal Adventure" for its bright colors,
gentle pace and upbeat tone. Parents will love it
because the DVD has an option called "Play Video Over
and Over" - - so parents can hear, ad infinitum, the
title song performed by none other than the Who's lead
singer Roger Daltrey moonlighting as a large green
dragon. And you're going to hear the same song roughly
10 million times, so it might as well have some soul.
"Wheels on the Bus" expands on the familiar, bouncy
children's tune about people on a bus going up and
down, up and down, up and down, etc., with simple,
low-tech computer graphics mixed with live actors and
puppets. The bus, driven by Daltrey's dragon, stops at
an aquarium, a farm, a clown show, a gas station and a
zoo, covering such themes as nutrition and opposites.
There's wonderful footage of fish and farm animals
that very young children (age 1 or so) will find
mesmerizing, and older kids (say, up to age 4) will
enjoy the musical numbers and repartee between a
talking monkey and a toucan. An extra, "Making of
Wheels on the Bus," shows how the actors and artists
put the video together. The shot of Daltrey in the
recording studio gently crooning the title song is
worth the purchase price. 

-- Carolyn Jones. 

-Brian in Atlanta
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