Roger's band victim of anti-Semitism?

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[oh, and as far as I know, Pete was not at the event
from the Independent at:

Rothermere vs Desmond: this time it's more than
Vincent Graff reports
31 October 2004

If anything, one might have expected the charity to be
grateful for the free advert. A few days ago, the
Daily Mail published a small titbit in one of its
gossip columns:

"Exotic publisher Richard Desmond is to play the drums
in a rock band for the Anglo-Jewish charity Norwood on
October 18, flanked by Roger Daltrey and Pete
Townshend of The Who, Zoot Money of The Animals and
Gary Brooker of Procol Harum. BBC chairman Michael
Grade and paradiddling Dick are the impresarios behind
the event. Tickets cost a mere £750 and include a
'kosher' buffet."

Desmond, the proprietor of the Mail's arch rival the
Daily Express, was not grateful for the publicity. His
response? "The bastards. Snide, snide remarks."

His anger, it seems, was fuelled not by criticisms of
his percussion technique but by the (albeit factual)
references to the Jewishness of the paradiddler's
chosen charity, and to the fact that Peter McKay, the
author of the Ephraim Hardcastle column, chose to use
quotation marks - known in the trade as "scare quotes"
- around the word kosher, implying to Desmond's mind
that Judaism and its associated rituals are still
rather too foreign for a decent gentleman reader of
the Daily Mail. "It was another anti-Semitic jibe,"
says Desmond.

The "exotic" proprietor's verdict came in a week that
saw the war between Desmond and Lord Rothermere, his
opposite number at the Mail, move into a new, bloody
phase. [cont. on line]

-Brian in Atlanta
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