Subject: Who said that?

Fri Oct 29 16:37:51 CDT 2004

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james.sigel at writes:

> And right on Pete!  Told Michael Moore to go shit in his hat, and he's
> telling the rest of the American haters the same.  

oh, so michael moore hates america now? typical saying. if you actually saw 
"fahrenheit 9/11", you'll see that mike dosen't hate america, just hates the 
current administration's handling of the current war and hates that he's turning 
other countries against us in the process. he just thinks we can do better. 
that's hating america? I don't think so. by the way, last I heard, pete still 
didn't see "fahrenheit", which goes to show that unless you've actually seen 
the movie, you have nothing much to say about it, other than what the 
conservative TV outlets like fox news will junk pump you with. 
and another thing, there is nothing more ballsy than questioning your 
leaders. so in other words, I think michael moore and people like him have ALOT of 
balls and plenty of hair on it. i'm not promoting his point of view to youse, 
i'm just saying that questioning your leaders, whether right or wrong, is as 
ballsy as you can get in this country. NOT questioning them and going along with 
whatever they say like robots, is pretty much like an original special on 
"Lifetime". : )
in the end, no one is really satisfied. even if bush does get out of office 
and kerry gets in, who's to say kerry will do a better job? we'll just have to 
wait and see. 
and buy the book "the official 'fahrenheit 9/11' reader" if you still 
question michael moore's "agenda". 


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