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5. “Boris the Spider” by The Who
John Entwistle, the band’s now deceased bass player, didn’t get the 
opportunity to write too many songs. But for their second album, the record 
company gave each member of the Who a bonus if he would write a song. So 
Entwistle wrote this as a joke, based on his fear of spiders as a kid: 
“Look, he’s crawling up my wall. Black and hairy, very small. Now he’s up 
above my head. Hanging from a little thread.” The song definitely has a 
creepy-crawly feel to it, which endeared it to the band’s fans. It became a 
big favorite in concerts, and Entwistle began wearing a spider medallion 
because of it. “Boris the Spider” has a sad ending, however, as the title 
character gets squished. Oh, well. How many insects could say they were 
immortalized in song by one of the greatest rock bands ever?

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