Pete's tribute to Hendrix

Scott Schrade schrade at
Thu Oct 28 17:15:58 CDT 2004

> But Clapton and Page and Beck, they're not dead and every great guitarist 
> has talked about them, in a way or other. But Pete.... total silence....

I don't know about "total silence."  There's been plenty of articles posted right
on this list from young up-and-coming rock guitarists citing Pete as an influence.
And every time Pete is the featured cover-story in one of the guitar magazines
(it happens every few years) he gets props from other guitarists.  IMO, praise
for Pete isn't as unforthcoming as you say it is.

Hendrix has been elevated to Zeus-like status.  He deserves all his praise but
no one talks about how sloppy he could be on occasion.  No one talks about 
the shows he played with a piss-poor attitude that makes Pete's '82-tour 'tude
look like nothin'.

No one mentions Hendrix's limited singing talents.  Or Pete's!  (I love Pete's
voice at times.....but.....)

It's not mentioned too often that Hendrix drowned on his own vomit.

Anyway, heaping praise on Hendrix is at once relevant, true, one-sided, ob-
vious, edited, expected, & cliche'.  Always the New Testament Hendrix as 
opposed to the Old Testament Hendrix!

Did you know Hendrix slept with his guitar while in the Army?

- SCHRADE in Akron

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