Pete's tribute to Hendrix

Bruce bkawak at
Thu Oct 28 16:23:30 CDT 2004

> But Clapton and Page and Beck, they're not dead and every great guitarist 
> has talked about them, in a way or other. But Pete.... total silence....

In a word "flash,"  Pete never had it.  Don't get me wrong I love his 
playing and it was perfect for The Who moreso than any other guitarist could 
hope to be.
While the others were setting the world on it's ear in '67 with their 
innovations on the instrument, Pete was playing a single note solo on I Can 
C 4 Miles.  However, that solo is perfect for the song.

It's the same reason no one talks about what great bass players Noel 
Redding, Bill Wyman, and John Paul Jones are but rave over the likes of John 
Entwistle and Jack Bruce.  By the way Beck's bass player at this time was 
pretty good, some guy named Ronnie Wood.  :)


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