Pete's tribute to Hendrix

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Thu Oct 28 11:48:09 CDT 2004

Very touching the tribute Pete Townshend gave sometime ago to Jimi Hendrix, 
calling him the greatest guitarist of all time. In his tribute, Pete says 
that Jimi had a kind of alchemist's ability playing guitar, as if the music 
was actually coming out of the end of his fingers. Says that Jimi build the 
bridge between the blues and modern sounds, a kind of Syd 
Barrett-meets-Townshend sound, in a wall of screaming guitar sound that U2 
popularized. According to Pete, when Jimi was on the stage, he physically 
changed, became incredibly graceful and beautiful, although out of stage he 
was a very unremarkable-looking guy with an old and dirty military jacket. 
After a gig, when he transcended in a high form of eroticism, almost 
spiritual in quality, he gradually descended out of that, and his incredibly 
colorful energized face returned to his shy and insecure normal state. Pete 
is very forthright when says that Hendrix make Pete feels like he was 
robbed, that his band were a silly little group, trying to constructed ideas 
and images in a art-school manner, acting as the whole thing didn't really 
matter. But not Jimi, he arrived with proper music, with lasting and 
innovative music. Pete says: “with Jimi, I didn't have any envy, ‘cause I 
never had any sense that I could ever come close. He had a power that almost 
sobered you up if you were on an acid trip. He was bigger than LSD”.
See it all in

p.s.: did you notice, that no great guitarist ever has talked about the 
manner Pete affects him?

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