Who said that?

Tom Fency tomfency at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 27 15:50:34 CDT 2004

Hey, Joe, it's Pete, you win... but it's not a quiz... only an interview 
I've got on net and put here to share with you... it's quite interesting and 
up-to-date for someone who has told that in... 1981


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>Is this a quiz?   The use of the word *balls* means it was spoken
>with by someone who knows what it means to have them (in the
>figurative sense - I don't want to get Keets heated up!)  :)
>I think it's a rock-star, and it sounds like something Pete might say.
>Roger could have said part of it, but the length of the piece and some
>of the phrasings lead me to eliminate Roger as a suspect.   If this is
>a quiz, give us some more clues.
>Joe in Philly
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