Who said that?

Tom Fency tomfency at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 27 06:12:20 CDT 2004

Now, how can you do that? America is our ally. How can we forget what 
happened in the last two wars? Can we suddenly turn around and say, “Sorry, 
we don’t need you anymore”? You know, people came all the way over from 
America on ships and got shot in the hundreds of thousands to save Europe. 
People have got too short a memory. A lot of the people who are out doin’ 
these disarmament parades and things are two generations away from that. 
They don’t realize — particularly the German nuclear campaigners — that 
Europe is only there by the grace of God and America. I don’t want to be too 
passionate and patriotic about it, but I think so much shit is spoken about 
America and American politics. America is responsible for the free world and 
continues to be. I mean, however socialist I take myself to be, I also enjoy 
my life as it is, you know? I enjoy living in the West. I was born here, and 
I like it the way it is. I don’t mind if it changes slowly, and I’m not 
averse to the idea of creeping socialism or creeping communism — but slow, 
slow, slow. Let life, and let the world, evolve. Eventually, of course, 
everybody will have to be living at the lowest common denominator — I think 
communism is absolutely inevitable. But it’s time to start really working on 
this buildup of global consciousness. This is not gettin’ cosmic, or hippie 
spaced-out, man. Everybody’s got to start thinkin’, I mean, start with 
prayer and work downward, you know? Because there’s not very much else 
that’s in our hands. I just say that I do not like what I see. It’s not to 
say that I can put it right. Not only do I not know how to put it right, but 
I’m impotent — completely impotent. Really, what our generation has suddenly 
woken up and realized, I think, is that we are the generation with no balls. 
And I’m gonna keep repeatin’ that until somebody shows me differently.

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