Who TV now - Friday

O'Neal, Kevin W. Kevin.ONeal at vtmednet.org
Tue Oct 26 12:17:14 CDT 2004

>Bruce bkawak at chartertn.net  
>Who TV now - Friday
>This loop has been playing for a week:
>Naked Eye - MSG 2004 (bootleg)

Iiiiiii want my Whoooooo Teeeeeeee.....Veeeeeeee!

Just can't say enough good things about this new treat from Pete and Da
When I'm in the office, it's on.

Bruce, particularly for those of us who were there, any more info. you
can share about the "MSG 2004 (bootleg)?"
I assume it's an entire DVD?
Is it anything you can share here on list?  Or, are the usual suspects
to blame?  ;-)

Also, how is it that Pete receives this and allows it up on his site?
Telling, that is.

Kevin in VT  

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