Ashlee Simpson on SNL (oops)

Bruce bkawak at
Sun Oct 24 22:28:48 CDT 2004

> was that real?  wow..

Apparently.  Who says there isn't anything funny on SNL anymore? :)

NEW YORK Ashlee Simpson appeared on "Saturday Night Live" last night, but 
apparently she wasn't "live" enough.

Simpson was on the N-B-C comedy show to perform two of her songs. Her 
performance of her hit single "Pieces of Me" seemed to go fine. But later, 
when she tried to perform her new song "Autobiography," something went 

Her band started playing, and Simpson's voice could be heard singing the 
first lines of "Pieces of Me" again.

Simpson looked momentarily confused as the band plowed ahead and the vocal 
was quickly silenced. Simpson made some exaggerated hopping dance moves, 
then walked offstage. N-B-C quickly cut to a commercial.

Had the foul-up exposed Simpson as a lip-syncher? Her record company is 
blaming a computer glitch for playing "Pieces of Me" instead of some 
pretaped electronic percussion. Simpson blamed her band for playing the 
wrong song. 

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