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Fri Oct 22 18:33:06 CDT 2004

It ends with Mary from LifeHouse..........because it has ordering  
information after that.....then it starts again with AAA.  I love that song  Mary, I 
have watched this over and over on WHO TV, JUST for that song.  I  even bid on 
the DVD's on ebay, JUST for that song, but was outbid. :(
I ended up bidding for the Scoop LP for $3.00.......slightly different  speed 
on the song, but I don't care.  When I get the money, I HAVE to get  those 
Lifehouse DVD's.  It is the best new old Who thing that I  don't have and have 
wanted BAD in a while.  When will this  madness end!!! 
I did get a copy of the movie Quadrophenia from ebay and it is 2,000 times  
better then I remember it!!!  Very intense.......there was some music on  there 
that wasn't on the album.  Does anyone know if that music is on the  album 
from the movie?**see note
Question:  Did the Tommy Remaster DVD ever get released in the  US?
Also, in old town Temecula, there is a store called "Old Town  Records".  It 
is NEVER open at least when I go.  I've stood there  with my face pressed up 
on the glass 3 times just knowing there is some  gems in there.  It is ALL used 
Well, I finally found it open recently and OMG!!!  The owner  wasn't there, 
just some burned out ex-hippie non-who fan but apparently the  own is a Who 
fan.  He had a huge collection of used Who albums,  including solo stuff like 
Secret Policeman's Ball ($3.00, I bought it) and Smash  your Head on the Wall 
($8.00, they are holding it for me).  There was a  copy of an album....forgot 
exactly the name (something flower hour power  ???) but it was so rare it was 
priced at $125.00!!  They had so much  stuff, I almost pissed myself (sorry, too 
much info), but Who fans can  relate!.  I ended up walking out wth SPB (an 
import) and Daltrey, the solo  album.  Both were $3.00.  
**I think this album was there, I need to check it.

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