Revised Chris Charlesworth book on the Who's music

John Hughes pureneasy at
Sun Oct 24 11:48:57 CDT 2004

I haven't seen any mention of this book on any lists, but as usual apologies
if someone has already posted about it.

This originally came out as a CD sized "pocket" book nd is in the format of
a discussion on each track on each album.

Well, the revised print is now larger than the original print, and contains
a fair wealth of material.

Firstly, acknowledgements are made in the book by Chris Charlesworth to
listers Gary & Melissa Hurley and Rich "whitefang"; and also, the identity
(well I hdidn't know it before) of the who fan who persuaded Shel Talmy to
part with the MG tapes is given as David Swartz.

David, if you're on the list, thanks for all your efforts - you get generous
credit from Chris Charlesworth for doing that!

The book covers all officially released albums, and takes as its basis the
reissued remastered and deluxe CD's.

it includes a comment on the encore series, and to show how up to date it is
it includes then and now and the singles box.

It also includes a number of photographs, some in colour, but nothing we
haven't seen before.

And it only costs £4.95 - about $8.60 US!

Publisher details - Omnibus press,

isbn 1-84449-428-4



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