Pete releases Brixton Academy '85

Joe Lewinski lewinski at
Fri Oct 22 09:32:04 CDT 2004

 >> The next release in the Pete Townshend 'signature'
 >> series will be an expanded version of the Deep End
 >> show from November 2nd 1985.

 >Cool!  This'll definitely be one to pick up!

I saw part of this on VHS (maybe just on night
of the 2 performances).   I really wish they
could release all that material on a DVD.   That
would be great.   DVD's and Who TV have spoiled

Anyway, I remember finding the Deep End on vinyl
back in 1988 and trying to play I'm One.   I must
have listened to I'm One a thousand times to
try and figure out the chords and the timing.

This was before the Internet was big and I didn't
even know what a tab chart was.   Boy, did my
playing suck back then!

Joe in Philly

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