John Ondrasik's private Quadrophenia

L. Bird pkeets at
Thu Oct 21 19:12:34 CDT 2004

Here an excerpt from a feature/interview with John Ondrasik of Five for 
Fighting, who sang "Superman" at CFNYC.

As a result, The Battle For Everything is a bristling mix of contemporary 
emotions and classic techniques. It affirms the importance of context as 
well as song, so that piano-driven rock, acoustic guitar pieces, ambitious 
structures and concise musical packages, join into one listening experience. 
"When I was a kid I could put on Dark Side of the Moon, turn up the sound in 
my headphones, lie down in the dark, and go away," Ondrasik remembers. "I 
wanted that experience again, and so Bill and I were ambitious to the point 
of absurdity. If we wanted drama, we'd get a thirty-piece orchestra. If we 
wanted a rock edge, we went after it with reckless abandonment. It was like 
doing my own private Quadrophenia."

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