Is Mod Coming Back?

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Wed Oct 20 20:35:21 CDT 2004

Tuesday October 12, 2004 @ 03:00 PM
By: Staff


ACEFACE Threat Level: RedWhiteBlue (Fading Ways)
They've got the suits and the skinny ties, but rather than simply being a 
high-fashion mod revival, Toronto's Aceface have something to say to back up 
their '60s U.K. attire. Principal songwriter and musical prodigy Carl 
Nanders uses the band's debut to create a lefty's freak-out jam session, 
rallying against war, fear and manufactured consent. Chomsky and Fisk get 
props in the liner notes and Nanders and his organ-boogie rock symphony 
don’t shy away from some thick and catchy music to complement the 
intelligent lyrical material. Book-smart rockers can get a bit pretentious 
at times; luckily, this tambourine-jiggling throwback is a readathon with a 
very welcome ass-shaking twistathon.. Brian Wong

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