Lawsuit, Secret Police, ....just what I needed.

O'Neal, Kevin W. Kevin.ONeal at
Thu Oct 21 10:16:47 CDT 2004

>From: "L. Bird" <pkeets at>
>Subject: Who Lawsuit?
>Passport International Productions of California, Inc. v. Gary Devore,
>individual; Tall Cotton Productions, an unknown entity; Ventura 
>Distribution, Inc.

Cracking down on a Bootlegger, or an unofficial Tour T-shirt distributor
("Tall Cotton Productions")?

>From: Joe Lewinski <lewinski at>
>Subject: Re: Jon in Mi,  Secret Police
>> Anyone seen or hear from Jon in Mi ??
>No.  I miss him and his posts.

Yeah, me too.
Change, here, is something that takes getting used to.
Hell, not just here.

>I'm equally
>bummed that I missed the chance to meet him
>in New York

Hey, you dropped the ball!

>(never should have agreed to a family

Not at all!
Family weekend was great, I'm sure.
It was the lack of communication in the last days.
"Communicate!"  pt

I get bummed out from time to time about that too.
So close, yet no Joe Philly.
Man, we were RAGIN' IN NY!

(side note: just like they're all ragin' up here in VT today because of
the Boston victory.  2,000 Univ. VT students rioted last night, forcing
SWAT Teams and Police in Riot Gear to shut downtown Burlington down.
There's extensive damage this fine AM.  See what happens when you don't
allow a bit of drinking on campus, or when you use Nazi tactics to break
up passive 420 celebrations??  Ya got to give them a chance to let off
some steam before it boils over like it did last night.  Still, stupid
to go on a tear like that.)

>I do know that whenever Scott opened his mouth, smoke
>would pour out and I could hear muffled cries for help
>and "Get on with it!"


>Perhaps Scott swallowed Jon whole, and Jon lit a fire
>inside Scott's stomach like the Jonah and the whale
>story from the bible.      Just Kidding Scott!   :-)

Ahhh, was wondering where you were going with that.
Must be reading to the kids again, eh?

>From: JOELTLE515 at
>Subject: Re: Pete Sells Out!  Again!
>by the way, it seems michael moore has responded to all you lot 
>saying his film is all "propaganda".

Mr. JOELTLE515, I can hear Paul already getting nervous in his chair.
He's about to send out the warning to ya.
We're all being good!
Join together with the band (and pray it lasts ;-) !
I'm doing my best to keep my cork in place.

>From: "Jim M" <NakedI at>
>Subject: Re: Pete Sells Out!  Again!
>> >New TV commercial:  Sylvania Silverstar headlights for cars.
>> >Song used:  "I Can See For Miles."
>When did they start showing commercials on PBS?

I saw it last night for the first time while watching my first baseball
game this year (go O's!  umm, yeah).

>Both commercials are being played during the Fox baseball coverage.

As is the commercial for that drug that keeps a man *HARD* for a long
I was like, ok, how is this so different from Janet Jackson's boob???
I mean, here I am with my kids (not really), watching the American
Pastime, a potentially historical game, and then they're subjected to
discussion of "erections" and "lasting long and strong."
Is it just me, for a moment????
"Mommy, what's he talking about...being hard and lating a long time and
being strong?  Why does she look sooo happy?"

>The Cars song is Just What I Needed

Ding-Ding!  Thanks!

>and I kind of like the way they used it.

Yeah, not bad.

>I have to say, I don't really mind rock songs in commercials unless
they are
>overplayed to death.


>But, yes, the Devo/Swiffer ad is embarassing.


>From: "Scott Schrade" <schrade at>
>Subject: Re: Pete Sells Out!  Again!
>Yeah, "Just What I Needed."  What's it for....?  Circuit City?

Couldn't tell ya.

>Except Bryan Adams.
>(Anybody get that?)

Not I.

>BTW, welcome back, Kripple Krumble.  It's nice to see *you* 
>posting again!

Well, just trying to get back into a flow here.
Some great technical discussions going on.  Of which I have nothing
substantial to contribute.
Hey, that's why I'm here!  To learn from some of you fellow nuts!

>Perhaps Joe L. is a freak-a-zoid!!

A cell phone forgetting, guitar playing, shoring up plans for NY
forgetting, ticket buying volunteering, cream cheese eating,

Hey, he's techinally my first guitar teacher!
Kevin in VT

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