Pete Sells Out! Again!

Scott Schrade schrade at
Wed Oct 20 19:16:28 CDT 2004

> I've also seen/heard a new commercial using The Cars. 

Yeah, "Just What I Needed."  What's it for....?  Circuit City?

> Still, the absolutely worst out there with a "hit" for sound track is
> from your own boys DEVO and that hideous Swiffer commercial.

Devo?  They all live in California.  They're only from Akron when 
they do something cool.

(I agree - that commercial's real lame.)

> Hey, at least Pete isn't letting anyone change the words of his songs.

Except Bryan Adams.

(Anybody get that?)

> Anyone seen or hear from Jon in Mi ??

I haven't talked to him since shortly after he left the list.

BTW, welcome back, Kripple Krumble.  It's nice to see *you* 
posting again!

- SCHRADE in Akron

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