Pete Sells Out! Again!

Jim M NakedI at
Wed Oct 20 17:17:37 CDT 2004

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> >Scott Schrade
> >Pete Sells Out! Again!
> >
> >New TV commercial:  Sylvania Silverstar headlights for cars.
> >Song used:  "I Can See For Miles."

When did they start showing commercials on PBS?

> Ha!
> I've also seen/heard a new commercial using The Cars.  I believe it's
> their first.  Must not have made *that* much of an impression on me
> since I can't even remember what the song was.

Both commercials are being played during the Fox baseball coverage.  ICSFM
is the normal version with lots of edits that make it jump around awkwardly.
The Cars song is Just What I Needed and I kind of like the way they used it.
They take the opening riff (?) and punctuate the ad narative with the
drum/guitar burst in varying time, then move to the song's chorus.  It
certainly gets your attention.

I have to say, I don't really mind rock songs in commercials unless they are
overplayed to death.  But, yes, the Devo/Swiffer ad is embarassing.  When
they re-record with alternate lyrics, that's usually a bad sign.

Jim M

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