Jon in Mi, Secret Police

Joe Lewinski lewinski at
Wed Oct 20 13:30:27 CDT 2004

Kevin wrote:

 > Anyone seen or hear from Jon in Mi ??

No.  I miss him and his posts.   I'm equally
bummed that I missed the chance to meet him
in New York (never should have agreed to a family

I know that when I met Scott in Akron over the
summer at his favorite watering hole - The Lime
Spider - he said that Jon was not pissed at anyone,
but was trying to change his routine a bit and
gain some perspective (paraphrasing Scott's summary.)


I do know that whenever Scott opened his mouth, smoke
would pour out and I could hear muffled cries for help
and "Get on with it!"

Perhaps Scott swallowed Jon whole, and Jon lit a fire
inside Scott's stomach like the Jonah and the whale
story from the bible.      Just Kidding Scott!   :-)

Now that I have your attention, I'll ask a Who related
question.   Does anyone have all 3 songs that Pete
performed at The Secret Policemen's Ball on video?
I remember renting this and only seeing Pinball Wizard
and Won't Get Fooled Again.   No Drowned.   I'd be
happy to arrange a trade to the kind Whofan that hooks
me up.

Joe in Philly 

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