Live My Gen. '73

Scott Schrade schrade at
Tue Oct 19 19:47:51 CDT 2004

> I don't understand how/why they would use a song in mono with tape 
> anamolies when they had the same song in perfect condition from the 
> original broadcast?  

Right.  Both versions, being unreleased, would have been considered
"rare."  Why choose the inferior "rarer" version?  Unless, as you speculate,
it was a time constraint issue, & they just *had* to have "My Generation."

Other thoughts:  Someone had to produce this song for the broadcast.
They had to bounce a version down to tape & add the sweetened aud-
ience noise at the beginning & end, as well as the "DJ's" intro & outro.

Now, what was the quality of the version used?  Were the master tapes
used?  A copy?  A good copy?  A crappy *mono* copy?  Any crappy
copy would've gotten crappier when it was bounced down to tape with
the added audience noise & DJ talk.

*Or,* maybe what we hear on this tape *is* the best quality that's avail-
able.  Bruce, if you'll notice, the DJ's voice-over is clear & dynamic (sonic-
ally speaking).  The *song's* dynamics seem narrow in comparison.  So, 
it's not the radio-produced source tape that is lacking in dynamics - the DJ 
voice-overs prove that.  Maybe the live recording, the original, is simply 
bad.  But it's hard to believe there wasn't a stereo version that could've 
been used.

Similarly, the KBFH/Philly recording isn't sonically jaw-dropping, either.
It sounds *very* similar to this other version of "My Generation." 

> As you can see 10 years later they have only put out a handful of CDs 
> by mid/lower tier artists.

Mid/lower tier artists, huh?  That explains my KBFH Triumph CD!

- SCHRADE in Akron

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